About Us

Prime Speed Medical is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company established in partnership between Prime Investment Group and Speed Medical Company for the purpose of expanding the provision of advanced and high-end medical services to the Egyptian population and providing technical solutions and technologies that support the National health system in Egypt in line with the Government's tendency to improve and raise the health standards of the Egyptian citizen at all levels.

Medical Tests

We Provide Two Test Packages 

Covid 19 PCR 

The first analysis to diagnose a person infection uses pcr test, swabs of saliva are taken with a cotton extract stick from the upper respiratory tract of the human, i.e. throat, nasopharyngeal swab. Specialists then analyze the sample to determine whether it contains the genetic factor of the coronavirus. If the genetic agent or "genome" of the virus is found in the sample. 

Covid 19 IgG , IgM

The second group of tests for the detection of the virus of coronavirus is antibody tests, an immune technique, and when the body is infected with any virus, the immune system forms antibodies to resist it. If these antibodies are found in the sample, this means that the person has had corona in the past and has become immune to it. This test is done by taking a blood sample from the person, where it is done through tingling to extract a few drops of blood on a card and add a chemical solution to it and then analyze it. If the body's antibodies are present against the emerging coronavirus in the blood, called IgM and IgG.

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